30 years engage with power electronics and electrotechnics

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Static capacitor banks

Reactive power compensation

High voltage and low voltage capacitor banks

Intended to be used for power factor correction purposes, equipped with built in switch gears and control gears.

Active harmonic filter

Power quality has become a strategic issue for any industry. The Active Filter can:

  • Reduce unwanted harmonics
  • Reduce reactive power
  • Balance currents between the phases
  • Reduce flicker (light flashing)

Regulator for Petersen coils SANK6

Reactors digital regulator SANK6 can be used to regulate continuously-adjustable Petersen coils (P coils) that are operating under load in medium and high voltage networks.

Power electronics and electrical engineering. High-voltage and low-voltage conversion equipment.

«Energy-T ltd.» 30 years engage with power electronics and electrotechnics.

« Energy-T ltd.» was founded in October 1990 by members of the Scientific and Technical Center of the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute. VI Lenin in Togliatti.

Automatic control systems Transformer equipment Capacitor banks ZEZ SILKO Capacitors ZWAE equipment

Energy-T, Limited Liability Company was founded in October 1990 by employees of the Science and Technology Centre at the Lenin All-Russian Electrical Engineering Institute in Togliatti City.

The company’s specialists have vast experience in the development, manufacture and implementation of:

  • high-voltage and low-voltage converters;
  • alternating and direct current power supply sources for various loads, including pulse loads;
  • filter compensation devices;
  • high-voltage and low-voltage power factor correction units for reactive power compensation;
  • automatic control systems for power supplies and converters.

In order to provide our customers with the best service, we work on the basis of ISO 9001 Quality Management System which was proved by the successful regular recertification in 14.04.2016. The implemented Quality Management System is not only confirmation of level of services we offer, but it also encourages us to improve our qualifications, respond immediately to all comments and suggestions and influences the scope of our offer.

The advantage of our company is experienced and highly qualified personnel who are able to meet the challenges of modern power engineering.